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Pluggable terminal blocks,Rated current:16A.Rated voltage (III/2):630V,pitch:7.62mm,Color:Green,Contact surface :Tin

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    Product certification

    Product advantages

    ☑ Well-known mounting principle allows worldwide use
    ☑ High-protection design provides anti-touch protection for device output or board-to-board connections
    ☑ Keying parts can be installed
    1. 3D model
    2. Packaging information
    3. Processing notes
    4. Electrical parameters UL
    5. Electrical parameters IEC
    6. Item properties
    7. Material data
    8. Mechanical tests
    9. Environmental data

    3D model

    Packaging information

    Type of packagingbox-packed

    Processing notes

    ProcessWave soldering/manual soldering

    Electrical parameters UL

    Rated voltage (B)300V
    Rated voltage (D)300V
    Rated current (B)15A
    Rated current (D)10A

    Electrical parameters IEC

    Rated voltage630V
    Rated voltage(III/3)500V
    Rated current16A
    Rated voltage(III/2)630V
    Rated voltage(II/2)1000V
    Rated surge voltage(III/3)6KV
    Rated surge voltage(III/2)6KV
    Rated surge voltage(II/2)6KV

    Item properties

    Connection direction
    Type of installationPCB welding
    Pin arrangement Double-row in a straight line
    Number of potentials2
    Pluggable or notYes
    Number of rows1

    Material data

    Environmental itemsCompliant with REACH/RoHS
    Contact materialCopper alloy
    Contact zone metal surfacetin-plated
    Insulation MaterialsPA66
    Shell colorgreen
    Insulating material group
    Flammability rating UL94V-0

    Mechanical tests

    Test Specification IEC61984/ UL1059

    Environmental data

    Ambient temperature (operation) -40℃~105℃(depending on derating curve)
    1. Tool
    2. Accessories


    Screwdriver /
    Operating tool /


    Coding strip 2EDG-PWI
    Bridge /
    Marking strip /
    Others /

    VDE parameters

    Overvoltage category/Degree of pollution III/3 III/2 II/2
    Rated voltage 500V 630V 1000V
    Rated current 16A 16A 16A
    Cross section / / /

    UL parameters

    Use group B C D
    Rated voltage 300V / 300V
    Rated current 15A / 10A
    AWG / / /
    Order number 10030011320
    Packing unit 1020
    Minimum order quantity
    Products weight (without packaging) 1.91
    2EDGA-HV-7.62-02P-1Y-00Z(H).stp Download
    CAD Data
    2EDGA-HV-7.62-XXP-1Y-00Z(H).dxf Download
    2EDGA-HV-7.62-XXP-1Y-00Z(H).pdf Download

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    Pluggable terminal blocks, Rated current:16A. Rated voltage(III/2):1000V, Pitch:7.62mm, Color:Green, Contact surface :Tin
    Pluggable terminal blocks,Rated current:20A.Rated voltage (Ⅲ/2):320V,pitch:5.08mm,Color:green,Contact surface :Tin
    Pluggable terminal blocks,Rated current:20A.Rated voltage (Ⅲ/2):400V,pitch:7.62mm,Color:green,Contact surface :Tin

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